Macromedia Captivate, Full Retail Version
Macromedia Captivate, Full Retail Version

Macromedia Captivate

Smart full motion and visual timeline editing

  • Like PowerPoint you are up and running in Macromedia Captivate (formerly RoboDemo) in a matter of minutes, creating computer / web based demonstrations, simulations and training that can be delivered on computers and also exported to: CD, DVD, movies attached to emails, FTP directly to a web site, compressed as a zip file, and best of all, the final Captivate movies can be stand alone Flash movies and can be viewed on Macs, as well as Window's PC

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Instantly create an interactive Flash simulation

You can even import your movies directly into Flash or include them in Macromedia's fantastic Breeze presentation tool. In many other ways Macromedia Captivate again is also very similar and as simple to use as PowerPoint - it uses the same "slide" type outlines (called storyboards) and super easy navigation through your slides to make changes to them (edit view), but Captivate adds several very cool additional layers to this mix: an easy to use timeline, live recording of your every click of the mouse, every drag and drop you make, window's opening and closing, automatic caption insertion, your very own voice narration in perfect sync with your every mouse movement, and one of my favorite things in the program, a terrific and easy way to import / export audio sound tracks and background music, and if you make a mistake, a no-brainer way to fix your audio mistakes on-the-fly. And thankfully, there is no coding! Unlike some of the other powerful Macromedia tools like Flash Professional, Director, Cold Fusion, and aspects of Dreamweaver, you don't have to be a programmer to do some very powerful things in Captivate including creating e-Learning test, surveys and quizzes - perfect for trainers and educators at all levels. Some of the company's tools have steep and complex learning curves and they should create tools that are powerful, but also "easy to master" for people who don't "get" coding, nor has the time to learn complex and overwhelming software tools. Having taught tens of thousands of people complex software tools "live" in traditional computer lab classrooms, during public seminars, and at major computer / web conferences and tradeshows, Captivate is a God send for everyone. There is a one major thing Macromedia did wrong in regards to Captivate - the marketing team has forgotten to tell people how much "fun" it is to use! With Captivate, Macromedia did it right. It's powerful as heck, and simple to use - the very best of both worlds. Buy it, you'll love it!

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