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Macromedia Director MX

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  • Macromedia Director MX 2004 - It's the latest multimedia tool for designing the very best in interactive Websites. Using this powerful applications allows designers to integrate more media, extend your work farther, and reach more people than ever before. The right combination of comprehensive media support, powerful scripting tools and tight integration has arrived and it's sure to create accessible content and attractive design in less time!

Download Director MX 2004

Powerful tool for building interactive content and applications

Author once and deploy anywhere with Macromedia Director MX 2004, the proven multimedia tool for building rich, interactive content and applications for CDs, DVDs, kiosks, and the Internet. Director MX handles the widest variety of media, letting you build compelling, high-performance content - such as learning applications, corporate demonstrations, and games - that delivers measurable results. Customize your applications with Director's extensible plug-in architecture and ensure smooth playback, even when using long files or videos, with Director's advanced memory management. Director MX offers powerful new features including a choice of scripting languages, DVD-video support, cross-platform publishing, and Flash integration. Take advantage of the power of Director MX 2004 by using an unparalleled list of media types, as well as authoring and playback extensibility features. Expand your creative possibilities by incorporating new, powerful DVD functionality, which lets you embed, control, and play back DVD-video within multimedia projects. Extend in any direction with Director's powerful Xtras plug-in architecture. Xtras let you extend the authoring environment and playback engine in nearly limitless ways. Use third-party Xtras or write your own to control external devices, such as joysticks and cameras, and perform sophisticated operating system-level tasks. Make content more engaging by incorporating most major media formats including DVD-Video, Windows Media, RealMedia, QuickTime, and Macromedia Flash, as well as audio, bitmap, and 3D formats. Work seamlessly with the Macromedia family of products to create dynamic and interactive content. Seamlessly import Macromedia Flash files and easily edit their content within Director MX by using Flash Launch and Edit. Enhance overall performance with significantly improved Flash playback performance within Director. Integrate function-rich, pre-packaged Macromedia Flash components, including user interface and media.

Director MX 2004 requires Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Privacy Policy

Download Director MX 2004

Director MX 2004