Adobe InDesign CC Full Retail Version
Adobe InDesign CC Full Retail Version

Adobe InDesign CC

Create page layouts quickly and efficiently

  • Adobe Indesign CC is a professional software for print and digital publishing, built for designers, prepress and production professionals, and print service providers. Design, preflight, and publish a broad range of content in print, online, and for tablet apps with precise control over typography, using built-in creative tools and an intuitive design environment. Under-the-hood improvements let you work fast, even on the most complex documents.

InDesign CC For Windows

Sharpen skills and master tools with inspirational content

Harness all of your system’s RAM with native 64-bit support. With Adobe InDesign CC, your work goes fast, even in processor-heavy functions such as printing and export of PDF and INX files. The user interface is consistent with Photoshop and Illustrator, letting you work smoothly across applications. And you control the brightness of the UI so you can see your layouts clearly. From text to complex artwork, every element of your design is displayed with utmost clarity and vibrancy. Find the perfect font - fast. Type any portion of a font name, such as "bold", "semicondensed", "italic", or any part of a font family name, and see only the fonts that match your criteria. Quickly see how different fonts look in your layout. Use the arrow keys to browse through fonts and see each one applied to your selected text. When you find the best fit for your design, just click its name or press Enter to make your choice. Find the fonts you use most often without wading through your entire collection. Mark your favorites, and then decide whether to display only those or the full set. Create crisp, clear QR codes right within InDesign. Because Adobe InDesign CC creates vector codes, you can resize them without compromising quality and copy them into applications like Illustrator. At any point, you can edit the QR code directly within InDesign. Print long and short documents directly to a desktop printer or as PDF files for professional printing. Work efficiently thanks to Adaptive Design Tools, productivity tools, and more. Create many kinds of digital documents. Develop sophisticated content for popular tablets by pairing InDesign with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Design eBooks for popular devices, including Kindle and Nook. Export interactive layouts as SWF or PDF files. One design. Unlimited layouts. Adaptive Design Tools, including linked content, Alternate Layouts, liquid page rules, and Content Collector tools, let you efficiently repurpose your work for various page sizes.

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