Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Free Trial Download
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Free Trial Download

Adobe Premiere Pro

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  • Edit faster with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, which offers cross-platform, native file-based workflows as well as GPU-accelerated filters and effects with the Mercury Playback Engine - now on laptop and desktop computers. Work easily with dual-system sound support, enjoy enhanced project exchange with Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid software, and efficiently export with reliable batch background encoding for delivery to smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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Begin editing virtually any video, image, or audio format

Bring the creative benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 tools to your project and work in an open, extensible post-production environment. Improved roundtrip editing capabilities with Apple Final Cut Pro extend the easy project and content exchange with other Adobe software and Avid editing software, making it easier to collaborate on projects in multitool post-production pipelines. Develop scripts collaboratively using Adobe Story, and now import them straight into Adobe Premiere Pro, without having to first send them to OnLocation. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 introduced integration with CS Review, another CS Live online service, making it easier for clients and teammates to review and make frame-accurate comments on works in progress. Combine this helpful service with roundtrip workflows to bring in Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid NLE sequences to simplify the process of gathering client and team feedback on works in progress. Produce video optimized for distribution to practically any video or device format. Save time by using the redesigned interface, new presets, intuitive context menus, and dramatically improved watch folder support in Adobe Media Encoder to batch encode your project to multiple delivery formats, quickly, simply, and in the background. Video editors who assemble compelling stories and other types of video content from live-action video footage, still images, and sound and music. Projects range from short form (commercials and short films) to broadcast programming, event coverage, and feature films. Motion graphics designers include animators and designers who create commercials, broadcast graphics, film titles, and other content that uses motion and sound to communicate ideas and capture emotions. VFX artists include animators and compositors who composite 2D and 3D elements, live footage, and synthetic elements (such as explosions or particles for snow) into photo-realistic shots used to enhance the visual impact of films, TV shows, and commercials

Premiere Pro CS5.5 requires Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64-bit). Privacy Policy