Adobe InDesign CS5, Free Trial Download
Adobe InDesign CS5, Free Trial Download

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  • Adobe InDesign CS5 provides precise control over typography and built-in creative tools for designing, preflighting, and publishing documents for print, online, or to mobile devices. Bring documents and presentations to life with interactivity, animation, sound, and video. Leading industry tools, and productivity enhancements make page layout simpler and faster. Access online services from within InDesign to streamline critical review processes.

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A new features to make page layout simpler and easier

Adobe InDesign CS5 includes several productivity advances designed to help you deliver print and digital documents faster. Improved integration with Adobe Bridge software and the new Adobe Mini Bridge panel in InDesign, document-installed fonts, and the ability to export PDF documents in the background all can help you meet deadlines with ease. The new document-installed fonts feature helps avoid the inconvenience of missing fonts during production and printing. When you package a document, InDesign includes fonts used in that document. When that document is opened on another system, InDesign CS5 looks for a document fonts folder and automatically installs those fonts for use only in that document. It then uninstalls them when the document is closed. This timesaving feature can help avoid costly design and print errors. While InDesign takes the hassle out of installing the fonts required for printing a design project, the appropriate font licenses are still required for any party creating or printing the document. Now you can preview individual pages in an InDesign document in Bridge without opening InDesign. You can also view thumbnail previews of the images placed in an InDesign document in Bridge without having to open the InDesign file first, making it easier to locate and reuse images. In InDesign CS5, you can access much of the power of Bridge without leaving InDesign. Locate InDesign files, images, videos, and other assets using Mini Bridge, and drag them directly into position in your document. Maximize your production time by exporting PDF documents in the background. InDesign takes advantage of 64-bit multithreading, so you can export large files as you work on other projects. Reconfiguring grouped objects is fast and easy. With a quick click, you can reveal the hierarchy of objects within a group, including any hidden objects. Then, simply drag objects from one group to another in the Layers panel - with no need to ungroup, select items, and regroup.

InDesign CS5 requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Privacy Policy