Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, Free Trial Download
Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, Free Trial Download

Adobe Flash Professional

Create motion tweens for character animation

  • Produce free-form and immersive experiences that present consistently to audiences practically everywhere across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, the industry-leading authoring environment for creating expressive interactive content. Simplify the creation of immersive experiences that present consistently across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions - with support for newer platforms.

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Produce free-form and experiences practically everywhere

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 makes it easier to reach audiences on the latest Flash Platform runtimes, including Flash Player 10.2 and Adobe AIR 2.6. Deliver content that plays back on millions of devices worldwide, and reach audiences on smartphones that run Android 2.2 and above. Use Adobe AIR for iOS Support, included with Flash Professional CS5.5, to compile ActionScript bytecode into native iPhone application code, which can be distributed via the iTunes store. Produce immersive content optimized for tablet devices. Take advantage of touch input and gesture-based actions that enhance the user experience. Deliver to Internet-enabled televisions. Extend the reach of your content into consumers' Internet-connected living rooms, with immersive experiences and applications that run on Adobe AIR for the Digital Home. Simplify the creation and management of multiple FLA files that are created for a single project, but that target multiple devices. Share code and assets across documents and device targets to efficiently create, test, package, and deploy content for a wide range of screens and devices. For example, symbols modified in one document update across other documents. The New Project dialog box has been enhanced to include a Default Document section, which allows you to specify a document name, target player, and ActionScript version. Flash Professional CS5.5 gives you more control over the contents of your document with the ability to do even more with layers. Copy and paste layers - including ones with motion and inverse kinematics armatures - to a different timeline or even to a different FLA document. You can also cut and duplicate layers, and even copy and paste folders. Complex vector artwork can take a toll on the processors of mobile devices, degrading rendering performance. Flash Professional CS5.5 offers two new options that allows you to easily convert and export content as a bitmaps, which helps enhance performance of your mobile content.

Flash Professional CS5.5 requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Privacy Policy