Adobe Fireworks CS5, Free Trial Download
Adobe Fireworks CS5, Free Trial Download

Adobe Fireworks

Create rich screen graphics with fewer steps

  • Adobe Fireworks CS5 provides a unique combination of bitmap- and vector-editing tools, a contextual user interface that displays the controls you need based on your selection, and shares the familiar Creative Suite interface, including tabbed panels and consistent keyboard shortcuts. Integration with Device Central makes it easy to set up a project and preview it. Elements from the mock-up are preserved when the file is exported in FXG® format.

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Design with vector and bitmap to achieve optimal imagery

Adobe Fireworks CS5 includes extensive productivity enhancements that let you create rich, multi-layered web images, comps, and interactive designs with fewer steps, while maintaining the quality, accuracy, and flexibility of your designs. In addition, significant changes have been made in the user interface that enable you to access key features directly from the Properties panel. Fireworks is optimized for designing screen graphics, making it ideal for creating assets for delivery via the Adobe Flash Platform. Fireworks CS5 supports the latest FXG format (2.0), so you can easily export individual objects or multipage designs as editable FXG elements for use in Flash Catalyst and other software. Fireworks can now open and create Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files, which can also be used in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator software. ASE files created with other Creative Suite applications can be easily imported into the Swatches panel in Fireworks, allowing you to work with color schemes that may have been created in other projects. Additionally, you can create ASE files from Adobe Kuler themes and use them in your design. Fireworks CS5 includes numerous features to enable you to precisely control the placement and appearance of design elements. In addition to stroke alignment, type-handling enhancements, proportional scaling, and FXG export, Adobe Fireworks CS5 allows to create crisp graphics that align to the underlying pixel grid. Creating complex vector shapes is much faster and more flexible in Fireworks CS5, thanks to the Compound Shape tools in the Properties panel. The Compound Shape tools allow you to group vector shapes temporarily as you draw them, so you can both move the objects as a group and edit individual objects one at a time. You can also achieve nondestructive effects such as punching, intersecting, or cropping overlapping vectors. With the Compound Shape tool, you can use simple shapes to build complex vectors faster and more flexibly.

Fireworks CS5 requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Privacy Policy