Adobe Audition CS5.5, Free Trial Download
Adobe Audition CS5.5, Free Trial Download

Adobe Audition

Create audio for broadcast, video, and film

  • Make your video and audio productions sound their best. Adobe Audition CS5.5 software delivers the efficient tools that video professionals and audio specialists need for recording, editing, mixing, noise reduction, and audio sweetening. A new exceptional audio engine drastically speeds up operation, enables work on multiple simultaneous files, effects-editing sound during playback, and allows effects and restoration processing in the background.

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Handle a wide range of audio production tasks efficiently

Edit precisely and mix projects professionally with Adobe Audition CS5.5. Make sample-accurate edits using the Waveform Editor. In Spectral View, you can visually edit audio with graphics-editing tools similar to those in Adobe Photoshop software. Handle large and complex multitrack projects in Multitrack View. Size tracks individually to keep your entire project in view, or expand just the tracks you're focused on. Edit clip volume, fades, and panning directly in Multitrack View. Automate volume settings. Put the final touch on track levels using the intuitive fader controls in the Mixer. Create your own soundtrack by dragging and dropping royalty-free sound effects directly onto multiple tracks, when downloaded using the Resource Central panel. Mix dialogue, music beds, and sound effects with professional digital effects processing and native 5.1 surround multichannel support. Adobe Audition makes it easy to automatically detect and fix common flaws such as hiss, hum, phase problems, crackling, and pops. Match the dialogue volume in a single audio file or across multiple clips. Find and eliminate clipped samples before they cause problems in your mix. Roundtrip editing makes Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition CS5.5 the ideal pairing for pro video work. Integration with Adobe After Effects and Flash Professional, as well as reliable project exchange with a range of NLEs and DAWs, lets Adobe Audition CS5.5 integrate smoothly into virtually any video workflow. Fix audio problems fast. From the Adaptive Noise Reduction tool and new Diagnostics such as the DeClicker, to the Audio Healing Paintbrush for fixing audio problems visually, Adobe Audition offers powerful features for perfecting production audio. Work in Waveform View and Spectral Display, edit audio using the traditional Waveform View or the frequency-based Spectral Display, that makes it easy to isolate and remove unwanted noise. Sweeten audio for video easily, pass individual clips and multitrack mixes.

Audition CS5.5 requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Privacy Policy