Adobe After Effects CS5, Free Trial Download
Adobe After Effects CS5, Free Trial Download

Adobe After Effects

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  • Adobe After Effects CS5 delivers the visual richness required to get noticed in today′s media culture. Use open-ended creative tools. Work efficiently on high-resolution projects thanks to native 64-bit support. And benefit from tight integration with Adobe's other leading software. Whether you're working in film, broadcast, online, or mobile media, After Effects enables you to create groundbreaking motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects.

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Improve the experience of creating HD and content

One of the most significant advances in Adobe After Effects CS5 is that it is now a fully native 64-bit application. This yields numerous advantages, including the ability to fully use your computer's memory when working on high-resolution projects. Just a few years ago, it was normal to work on standard-definition video at a color depth of 8 bits per channel (bpc). Today, it is common to work on high-definition video at a depth of 16 bpc. And while some artists have used After Effects on film projects since the earliest versions, digital cinema cameras such as the RED One are now commonly in use - making 4K images in 32-bit floating-point color increasingly common. And the memory demands don't stop there. For example, RED has announced cameras that sport 5K, 6K, 9K, and even 28K frame sizes. Native 64-bit OS support in After Effects CS5 means you can work on ever-higher-resolution projects with confidence. On 32-bit operating systems, the 2GB to 4GB memory restriction for each application sharply limit how many image frames can be held in RAM at the same time, which in turn constrains the length of full-motion previews and the complexity of projects overall. Even with disk caching and virtual memory, working with HD content using older versions of After Effects on 32-bit systems means you may be forced to wait while images are swapped in and out of RAM or re-rendered the next time they are needed. Resourceful artists have developed strategies to work around these limitations - such as working at lower resolutions or frame rates or using proxies of lower-quality sources, but these come with the trade-off of not seeing your composition in its final form while you work. With After Effects CS5, these limitations no longer apply. Support for 64-bit operating systems means After Effects can access all of your computer's available RAM. This has a dramatic, positive effect on the type, size, and complexity of projects you can take on - as well as how fluidly you can work.

After Effects CS5 requires Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64-bit). Privacy Policy