The Next Generation of Cyber Pathfinders

The Next Generation
of Cyber Pathfinders

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Backlink Booster It’s no secret that rankings in search results are primarily driven by backlinks. The more backlinks pointing to your website, the higher your website will rank in search engines because your site has more “link juice” (i.e. – PageRank) flowing to it

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Faster, easier to use, and more powerful than the previous version, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is a sophisticated HTML Web design application that best serves professionals incorporating multimedia elements and database-driven content into their sites.

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 An improved script editor (with a visual interface), a revamped library interface, a new Undo feature, powerful run-time effects, breakthrough motion-graphics capabilities - these are just a few of the reasons Web designers are raving about the Flash

Macromedia Fireworks 8 Create, edit, and optimize graphics and images quickly for websites or as mobile content. Macromedia Fireworks 8 delivers many new creative tools, interactive design features, and mobile assets to expand the palette for web designers and developers.

Macromedia Contribute 3 As Web Content Management editor for large organizations as well as for small to medium side businesses, Contribute 3 adds to the instant web file editing features a new range or tier of support services that make the product much more acceptable.

Macromedia Authorware 7 Develop accessible applications that comply with learning management system (LMS) standards. Authorware 7 is the leading visual authoring tool for creating rich-media e-learning applications for delivery on corporate networks, CD/DVD, and the Web.

Macromedia Director MX 2004 Integrates with Flash, Fireworks - launch & edit files, import and optimize pictures and more updated user interface makes designing more efficient, when working with Macromedia products full support for multiple media formats - QuickTime, AVI, WAV.

Macromedia FreeHand MX Enhance productivity with a highly customizable workspace. Macromedia FreeHand MX provides a streamlined, easy-to-learn graphics environment for designing illustrations, organizing information, laying out storyboards, and developing presentations.

Macromedia HomeSite 5 Customize the application to fit users needs by automating development tasks and extending the user interface. You can use JavaScript and VBScript to automate Macromedia HomeSite 5 tasks and execute them from Custom Tool Buttons or Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop CC Design with a powerful tools that makes it easy to create for any medium. Use type styles, editable shapes, vector layers that let you apply strokes and gradients to vector objects, tools for quickly creating custom strokes and dashed lines, and more

Adobe Illustrator CC Meet the most powerful and connected Illustrator than ever, loaded with dozens of new features. Work with type in more powerful ways. Sync colors from adobe. Place multiple files at once with full control, and create with brushes made from photos.

Adobe InDesign CC Speed up production and reduce errors with live preflighting of print and digital documents, document-installed fonts, JDF technology, background PDF export and PDF/X export. Work faster, smarter, and better with productivity tools for every workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Edit faster. Take advantage of real-time performance to edit, trim, or adjust effects - even do three-way color correction - without interrupting playback. Keep your projects running smoothly with task-based workspaces that let you focus on the job.

Adobe After Effects CC A powerful typesetting and text animation engine lets you craft titles from classic to manic, in either 2D or ray-traced extruded 3D. Define, draw, and animate vector shapes to create almost anything, from a lower-third bar to animated characters.

Adobe Audition CC Replace location dialogue with studio-recorded aDR and align it perfectly, even if the original audio includes background noise. Fix lip sync issues easily and deliver better production value faster. Import and play back HD video without transcoding.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Use familiar workspace to build designs that reach new audiences on mobile devices. Use integrated jQuery Mobile support to build native mobile apps for iOS and android platforms. Create projects for devices using a simple mobile development workflow

Adobe Flash Professional CC Use the updated Toolkit for CreateJS, which includes new functionality for buttons, hit areas, and motion curves. It's might be too complicated for you to understand, but it really helpfully to using a button and creating the games with many of codes

Adobe Fireworks CS6 Industry-standard CSS support - Extract CSS code and create sprites with the CSS Properties panel. Design complete web pages and export complete layouts with external style sheets in one step. Export multipage, clickable comps as CSS3-based layouts.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC All the tools you need to convert, edit and sign PDFs. Your office is as mobile as you are. So you can start a document at work, tweak it on the train and then send it for approval from your living room - seamlessly, simply, without missing a beat.

Adobe Captivate 9 Rapid eLearning authoring - from storyboarding to responsive eLearning, create virtually any kind of professional looking and instructionally sound content using a single tool. Add interactive elements to transform static content with a few clicks.

Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Internet fashions now dictate that even personal websites should contain more formatting than simply underlining your name and adding clipart. Microsoft FrontPage 2003 is a program that helps you get started, even if you have no previous experience.

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 Streamline communication and collaboration between internal and external team members with the desktop productivity programs that many people rely on every day. Enable teams to modify, access, and save documents in a central location using Workspaces

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 Building on the strengths of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, Office Enterprise 2007 provides teams and organizations with the most comprehensive set of tools to collect and consolidate any type of information, find what they are looking for.